Master Planning, Program, and Design Consultation

SFA’s sports facility design service includes sport and recreation center architecture, space planning, and construction cost estimations.  SFA can provide full-service architecture or our recreation center and sports facility design specialists can work with your architects, engineers, construction managers, and general contractors.  SFA’s extensive experience in these areas provides the necessary insight and utilization projections to properly “right size” your plans. Recreation and park master planning, as well as sports program and multisport design consultation is all part of the SFA offering.

SFA’s collaborations also include civil engineering firms, other consulting agencies, and stadium, arena, and sports center design professionals.

If you are working on a new project or if you are considering a new development, SFA can assist your group in making good choices, selecting playing surfaces and finishes, and in selecting critical adjacencies. Issues such as parking requirements, field size, court size, recreation aquatics, competition swimming pools, food concessions and office space requirements, spectator seating, and special events and sponsorship needs are encompassed in our advisory role.  SFA also evaluates a wide range of building materials from steel to tension fabric and domes. SFA will lay out options to reduce start-up costs, reduce operating expense, and to attract visits.

Sports Facility Blue Print

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