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Youth and amateur sports tourism is the fastest growing segment within the travel industry today. From tournaments, events, road races and endurance competitions to senior games and adventure sports, the opportunities to attract tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of visitors for sports related overnight stays is an alluring proposition to those seeking economic development. With this growth in opportunity, the business of marketing and managing events and sports complexes within the sports travel industry has become highly competitive. It’s because the opportunities are great and the competition is formidable that communities around the world engage Sports Facilities Advisory.

SFA produces sports tourism feasibility studies, institutional grade financial forecasts, sports tourism economic impact studies, financing services to fund projects, and we set up new operations and offer full-time operations management to achieve the forecasts we produce in the early stages of planning. There is no other firm that offers this complete cycle of accountability. Most importantly, we achieve incredible results, having hosted 12 million + visits in 2014 and opening and managing the most impressive collection of sports tourism venues in the industry today.

Because of the attention garnered by this sector, numerous people are tracking the growth in sports tourism spending and are looking to learn more from SFA. They have been recently been interviewed by media giants including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, NBC News, Wall Street Market Watch, and the New York Daily News.

SFA has an ever expanding network that enables them to drive sports tourism events to numerous different destinations. They are constantly attracting new sponsors who are turning their attention to this increasingly exciting domain.

The sports tourism industry has become increasingly competitive and because it requires highly specialized planning, our expertise makes us highly sought after by the most experienced tourism destinations.

We assist these destinations and sports facilities in evaluating opportunities to utilize existing resources and help our clients plan, open, and manage new sports complexes.

Established and newly formed sports commissions, sports tourism departments, and sports ministers rely on SFA for detailed financial modeling, assistance with funding presentations, the evaluation of public private partnerships, and to open and manage sports facilities that meet today’s standard of excellence for marketing, event management, and customer retention.

If you are considering a new development, seeking professional sports facility management for your current venues, or want to create a plan to use existing assets in support of sports tourism objectives, call or email SFA today.

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