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Are you considering an outdoor sports park, tournament destination, or hoping to optimize existing outdoor sports facilities? SFA and SFM are here to help. Since 2003 we have provided communities, private individuals, parks and recreation departments, sports commissions, faith-based organizations, mixed-use developers, and corporate/institutional clients with planning, funding, opening, and management services for outdoor and indoor sports centers and recreation assets.

From large-scale tournament centers to mixed-use destinations and local community sports parks, Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management have the tools needed to support new facility visions, community-wide master planning, community needs assessment, and sports tourism facility operations and marketing. In recent years we have overseen the facility planning, opening, and operations of over 1,000 acres of sports parks in locations around the world. The secret to our success lies within the process and approaches we have innovated over the years.

For clients considering new outdoor sports facilities, there is an important balancing act between the short-term community demand and long-term need that must be considered in the planning process. Additionally, with outdoor fields there are issues of community access, tournament marketing and management, and alternative uses such as festivals and concerts that must be considered.

SFA’s process addresses these issues and, for new facility developments, our facility planning services typically include site planning and right-sizing of the number of fields and combination of amenities plus detailed cash flow forecasts that are the result of our proprietary market research system.

At the development funding stage, we have learned that financing sources and decision-making bodies value the metrics-based market analysis and feasibility studies offered by SFA.

But it’s not about the documents and resources we deliver to clients. It’s about results. SFA’s planning and funding services have resulted in sports facilities that are supporting the health and well-being of communities around the world.

SFA and SFM have also assisted numerous communities in evaluating current sports facilities and programs. We provide turnaround and optimization services for struggling facilities and help our clients develop marketing, management, and events programs to more effectively utilize outdoor sports complexes, ball parks, and community-based fields.

In the early facility planning stage we are often engaged to evaluate opportunities for tournament-style outdoor complexes and community sports parks. At this stage we produce feasibility studies, financial forecasts, management plans, and economic impact analysis. Our work with outdoor and indoor sports facilities often involves numerous stakeholder organizations.

For clients seeking funding, SFA’s strategic planning services, feasibility studies, economic impact reports, and cash-flow forecasts are the key elements in our financing documents.

Once funded, SFM’s opening services provide a structured project management approach to vendor selection, pre-opening marketing, bookkeeping and operating systems.

Beyond grand opening, management advisory and full-time management services provide the professional expertise needed to fulfill community and utilization objectives. These services are funded within the financing packages we develop so they are amortized over the term of financing.

There is more to learn about the development and optimization of outdoor sports facilities within the pages of this website. If you are ready to speak with one of our advisors, call or email us today.

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