Government Entities - Sports Tourism

Plan Sports Tourism Venues

The SFA facility planning process determines what to develop to achieve desired economic impact benefits, how much and what sources of capital to invest, the ideal location, and what types of public-private partnerships or P3s, may apply to sports tourism venues.

We begin the sports tourism planning process with a review of current events, hotel inventory, occupancy rates, seasonality, existing sports assets, infrastructure, current marketing campaigns, and a variety of other factors that are proprietary to our process.

Next we move into vision and goals, a review of your capital and capital requirements, and other key factors. We then facilitate a market study and a strategic facility planning process to define objectives for funding, the development timeline, the program plan, facility management, cash flow and profitability, and the overall sports tourism venue business plan. This work, combined with our market and competition study, culminates in a detailed development plan and cash flow forecast, business plans, facility program plans, and economic impact analysis.

SFA is a truly unique resource for those interested in planning new sports tourism facilities. Our full-time team of advisors is a passionate and committed group of industry professionals who have overseen the opening and management of new sports complexes around the world.

Government clients have confidence that Sports Facilities Advisory will provide advice based on research, our experience in the most influential sports tourism destinations, and our role as thought leaders to industry conferences and publications.

In the end, we are hired by government agencies to help them reduce uncertainty and risk, and avoid unnecessary mistakes. We assist our government clients in securing the highest and best opportunities for the public good and are often integral in turning the ideas of visionary leaders into reality. Our thorough and well-researched evaluations are valued by conservative decision-makers. Contact us to learn more about our planning process for sports tourism facilities.