Private Developer Facility Planning

Indoor Facility Planning

Once engaged, we will begin your sports facility planning process with a thorough survey of your vision and goals. We then facilitate a market study and strategic planning process to define objectives for funding, the development timeline, the program plan, facility management, cash flow and profitability, and the overall business plan.

This work culminates in a detailed facility planning development plan and cash flow forecast, investor and bank lending business plans, and a strategy for raising the capital necessary to fund of your project.

Sports Facilities Advisory is a truly unique resource for private developers interested in planning a new sports complex or recreation center. Our full-time team of expert advisors are passionate and committed leaders who know that new sports complexes bring great potential for owners, communities, kids, and families. This passion and commitment drives us to seek solutions and consider the smaller details during the facility planning process. It is our job to provide clients with insight that is based on experience. This means that we help our private developer clients reduce risk and optimize opportunities for success.

We know that the integrity, experience, energy, and commitment of our team members is the reason why we have become known as the preeminent resource to entrepreneurs, governments, and institutions seeking to plan new sport and recreation centers.

We’ve assisted numerous private developers in planning and opening indoor facilities that have gone on to be a total success. Many initial facility planning projects fail during the initial stages due to lack of resources, expertise and sufficient funding. The expert team at Sports Facilities Advisory has your best interest in mind and will ensure the success of your project.

If you are a private developer and you’re interested in learning more about Sports Facilities Advisory’s facility planning services, contact us today to speak with a member of our expert team. We are waiting and ready to work with you and plan your indoor facility project!