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Indoor Open

The opening process for an indoor sports facility is launched long before the first shovel hits the ground or a building is converted. From vendor and staff selection to training and software, the pre-opening process is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of our clients. It is not the time for “on the job” learning.

That’s why you should trust Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facility Management to make sure the opening of your new indoor sports facility runs smoothly and as planned. Our team of experts has the necessary tools to ensure a successful open from the beginning planning stages to the opening day.

We begin with a facility planning summit meeting where we develop a date-driven timeline of action steps and projects. These projects include various components such as site preparation, zoning/permitting and construction to vendor selection, brand development, pre-opening marketing, pre-opening staffing, staff training, program development, and registration software and bookkeeping systems, as well as banking, communications, operations systems, safety and risk management, and other critical systems. Each of these systems must be executed well to provide for an on-time opening and to achieve the forecasted revenue goals for sports facilities.

SFA's Opening Processes

In most cases, Sports Facilities Advisory clients have limited experience with the sports facilities opening phase and even our most experienced operators require a project team working on the various aspects of opening. With SFA and SFM you will have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to the success of your project. For investors and funding sources, SFA and SFM’s involvement provides assurance that the project will achieve its early-stage forecasts which are critical to the long-term viability of these multi-million dollar developments.

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