Open Faith Based Sports Facilities

SFA’s sister firm, the Sports Facilities Management LLC, offers a one-of-a-kind opening service for faith based sports facilities. These different services can fill any gap a ministry may have during their opening phase. The goal is to get the ministry up and running quickly and smoothly to positively impact their community. These services include vendor selection, design/construction consultation, program development, administrative system set-up and support to staff hiring & training. Sports Facilities Advisory is pleased to work with faith based clients in identifying the areas that will be most impactful to their sports ministry, and partnering to provide the services that will produce results.

Our opening process for faith based sports facilities begins with the development of detailed project plans. These plans work backwards from the facility opening; they encompass virtually every major step that has to happen in order to achieve a successful opening. Once there is a plan in place, we work collaboratively with clients to identify areas where we can support, oversee, or offer perspective.

Next, we get to work by employing proven systems and resources. The Sports Facilities Management toolkit of operational systems reduces workload, provides templates and utilizes our proven process. By combining these tools with the positive guidance of our team members, then adding the experience of bringing a new sports facility to life, an incredible team atmosphere is created. This atmosphere of accountability to deadlines and a focus on the mission inspires others to want to join in. As we prepare for the grand opening, this energy only intensifies.


In the long run, the measure of a successful sports facility opening is not simply the hype and excitement of the grand opening events; success is measured in the positive influence and mission-driven work that occurs in the years that follow. It is in support of these long-term objectives that clients engage SFM to support the facility opening process and installation of programming, operational financial tracking, marketing, human resources and other systems.



The SFA and SFM team is here to help! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.