Open Adventure Sports Facilities

Whether it is rock climbing or whitewater rafting, opening a new adventure operation requires a team. When you engage Sports Facilities Advisory, we will begin with a facility planning meeting where we develop a date-driven timeline of action steps and projects. This development plan becomes the roadmap that our clients follow with guidance from our professional advisors. For adventure travel and other non-facilities based businesses, these steps tend to be focused on technology infrastructure, marketing, and office systems setup. For non-traditional sports facilities such as rock climbing gyms, canopy tours and adventure parks, the steps within the SFA road map address construction, marketing, and staff development. The support provided by our advisors, includes consulting and direction to expedite the opening of your newest venture.

SFM's Opening Processes

In most cases, SFA clients have limited experience with the opening phase of an adventure sports facility. Even our most experienced operators require a project team working on the various aspects of opening. With SFA and SFM you will have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to the success of your project. For investors and funding sources, SFA and SFM’s involvement provides assurance that adventure sports facilities will achieve their early-stage forecasts, which are critical to the long-term viability of these multi-million dollar developments.



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