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Sports Tourism Venue Management

The day-to-day management of a sports tourism venue is a unique specialty because the market is relatively young and the opportunities continue to multiply. Sports Facilities Advisory and Sports Facilities Management offer a one-of-a-kind solution and proven track record of events bookings and economic impact.

Our management services provide leadership, personnel, marketing, and integration into the SFM national network of facilities and events.

SFM’s sports tourism venue management programs are designed to create peace of mind and to equip operations with proven systems and approaches. SFM also offers an ever-expanding set of services to attract events, sponsors, and to drive revenue through marketing partnerships. We offer two levels of management services.

  • Full time day-to day management where we assume daily operations responsibility.
  • Management Consulting

SFM provides full-time management for all types of sports tourism venues. Sports facilities managed by SFM enjoy access to a national network of events owners and facility operations. Sports facilities Managed by SFM benefit from on-going access to other SFM full time managed facilities and join our powerful training programs that are only available to SFA/SFM employees. This level of sports facility management is ideal for owners and owner-operators who want a world-class operation that utilizes proven systems and talent.

SFM's Management Services

SFM’s sports tourism venue management services produce:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Accountability
  • Integration into SFM’s National Network
  • Highly Experienced Leadership
  • Annual Business Planning
  • Financial Transparency

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