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Sports Facility Management

One form of Public Private Partnership is private sports facility management. SFA’s sister firm, SFM manages community sport complexes, recreation centers and sports tourism venues in locations across the U.S. SFM’s offerings here provide public entities with the assurance that a facility will be operated under the highest standards and it reduces costs through privatization of salaries.

In these cases, SFA produces a detailed cash flow forecast and operational plan prior to a sports facility management agreement with SFM. The cash flow forecasts and operational plan outline the specific revenue and expenses for virtually every area of the operation and account for SFM’s management services. This budget then becomes the budget under which SFM will operate and it creates a clear accountability on all sides.

SFA and SFM are called upon by public entities ranging from national and state agencies to county, city and townships. We are engaged when a public entity recognizes the need for professional sports facility management, community recreation center management, or publically funded sports complex management.

SFM's Management Services

SFM’s sports facility management services produce:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Accountability
  • Integration into SFM’s National Network
  • Highly Experienced Leadership
  • Annual Business Planning
  • Financial Transparency

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