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Outdoor Sports Facility Management

A great outdoor sports complex is a place where champions are born and communities gather to pursue healthy activity. Even the best new complexes can be poorly managed and therefore fail to meet owner’s expectations. We can provide effective sports facility management for all kinds of outdoor sports complexes and facilities.

In fact, a number of new facility operators fail to consider the details involved in managing a multi-million dollar sports venue. From cost containment to program development, human resources to marketing non-peak hours, recreation center and sports facility management is now a highly competitive endeavor experience.

SFM’s sports facility management programs are designed to create peace of mind and to equip operations with proven systems and approaches. SFM also offers an ever-expanding set of services to attract events, sponsors, and to drive revenue through marketing partnerships that are directly aligned with SFA and SFM. The Sports Facilities Management provides a variety of options and levels of management.

SFM’s full-time management includes the placement, on-going training, and oversight by SFM professionals. One unique aspect of this service is that SFM is able to attract an extra-ordinary level of talent because the career opportunities within SFM are unlike any other in the industry.

The Sport Facilities Management also offers asset management services. Asset Management includes management consulting and the institution of certain systems, tools, and resources. With full time management, the daily operation is handled by SFM employees with Asset Management services our clients’ receive coaching and advice but they do not become SFM employees.

These services are only available to projects which SFA has deemed feasible and for projects where we have developed or reviewed and approved cash flow forecasts.

Clients who engage SFM to provide full-time management do so because they desire a systematic, proven approach that encompasses recruitment, placement, training, marketing, sales and programming by SFM. Full time managed sports complexes include the placement of our highly experienced leadership level staff. In some cases and when qualified, we hire and develop staff selected by our clients to operate facilities under SFM.

One key advantage to this level of management service is that it instantly propels a facility into our national network. This allows stand-alone sports facilities to be staffed by our world-class professionals and this level of management includes integration into the SFA/SFM culture and training. As an SFM facility our clients benefit from on-going access to other SFM full time managed facilities and join our powerful training programs that are only available to SFA/SFM employees. SFM managed sports facilities have access to our national events network and our corporate sponsorship and advertising sales. This is ideal for owners and owner-operators who want a world-class operation that utilizes proven systems and talent.

SFM's Management Services

SFM’s management services produce:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Accountability
  • Integration into SFM’s National Network
  • Highly Experienced Leadership
  • Annual Business Planning
  • Financial Transparency

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