Full-Time & Management Consulting Services

Adventure Sports Facility Management

Once a project is funded, SFA’s sister firm, The Sports Facilities Management, offers sports facility management services to optimize performance and to provide ownership with reliability and consistency over many years.

Our sports facility management team offer stwo levels of management services. Full time management includes operations where we assume responsibility for all aspects of the operation. SFM also offers asset management services where we provide annual business planning, budgeting, new program consultation, and support, direction, and guidance to the management team. These services are only available to projects for which SFA has produced financial forecast and business development plan.

SFM's Management Services

SFM’s sports facility management services produce:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Accountability
  • Integration into SFM’s National Network
  • Highly Experienced Leadership
  • Annual Business Planning
  • Financial Transparency

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