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Feasibility Studies for Sports Tourism Venues

Over the years, we have developed the Sports Facilities Advisory feasibility study process to provide our clients with every resource needed for decision making and to support funding decisions. In fact, most of our feasibility studies include an institutional-grade financial forecast, utilization projections, and economic impact analysis, for each type of event. We have been able to develop extremely detailed systems due to our experience with managing numerous sports tourism venues and being deeply embedded in the sports travel industry. These systems are nearly impossible for others to replicate because other firms simply do not have access to the databases and actual operational details possessed by SFA.

SFA has developed forecasting systems by using our proprietary models for market research, user group interviews, online surveys, and through our extensive network of events rights holders. These systems provide our public clients with feasibility studies that offer clear insight into construction and start-up costs, operational revenue and expense forecasts.

The forecasting system goes hand-in-hand with our feasibility studies. The feasibility study process assists our clients in identifying new approaches and programs that can be implemented to bolster economic impact through sports, and then the forecasting system shows the economic impact through direct spending by visiting players, teams, and affiliated spectators.

Communities, large and small, are seeking ways to tap into the powerful economic impact opportunities presented by sports tourism. However, not all communities should seek to build new sports complexes as a first step. The foundational elements of an effective strategy include an evaluation of current infrastructure, regional competition, hotel occupancy needs, an assessment of existing facilities, and a review of regional tourism objectives. Only after reviewing and understanding these key factors can SFA begin to identify strategies for new developments. This is why our feasibility studies are so important.

Leading government officials and decision-making bodies seek SFA feasibility studies because we are a credible and conservative team of professionals with a track record for producing results. Even more importantly, with SFA and our sister firm Sports Facilities Management (SFM), our clients increase long-term options because we are capable of setting up new operations and/or staying on to manage every aspect of a new development. This key differentiator makes SFA and SFM truly unique to the sports tourism marketplace.



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