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Feasibility Studies for Outdoor Facilities

An independently researched feasibility study for an outdoor sports complex is often the first step in the process of turning an idea into a full-fledged facility. The Sports Facilities Advisory feasibility study process is designed to evaluate critical factors that will determine whether or not a facility concept can be financed.

Sports Facilities Advisory’s market and feasibility studies utilize our proven equations and analysis for market demographics, competition, program pricing, facility rental pricing, operating expense, staff structure, marketing, and the overall program plan.

Many private developers wonder whether a feasibility study is necessary. The reality of today’s financing climate for baseball, soccer, and other outdoor sports parks is that an independent and research-based feasibility study is a requirement of most funding sources. With SFA the process is more than an obligatory step. Our team of experts are committed to helping clients identify opportunities which maximize returns.

Clients select Sports Facilities Advisory because we are experienced, efficient, and proven. We are also chosen because a large number of banks, equity firms, and Small Business Administration lending sources have come to require an SFA-produced feasibility study. These institutions know that SFA’s process and data-sets are the gold standard for predictive cash flow forecasting. This has led to numerous situations where clients come to SFA after having attempted to complete their own study or after having hired a different consultant only to have financing source require an SFA study.

Over the years, we have developed SFA’s feasibility study process so that it is exciting and educational for our clients. Using our proprietary models we help our clients remain true to their primary goals as we simultaneously assist them in identifying new strategies and programs to maximize returns. From baseball, softball, and tennis sports complexes to soccer, lacrosse, and football; we have the in-house expertise needed to take ideas and turn them into action.

The SFA ballpark and stadium feasibility study process is launched with our pre-work and research. We then meet to facilitate a strategy and program planning session. Utilizing our sports business planning models, this powerful series of discussions allows us to work closely with you to develop a business model that is based on your mission and business objectives, “right sized” to your market, and designed to increase your likelihood of success during the financing of a sports facility or recreation center.

SFA's Commitment to you

Following your initial planning session we will conduct the necessary research, define preliminary construction and start-up costs, analyze cash flow, and evaluate the opportunity in your marketplace. In most cases this feasibility study process requires 7-12 weeks from our initial planning session. Our clients find this energizing and educational, and they tell us that the process opens their eyes to opportunities and realities they had not previously considered.

With SFA you can be assured that we will only progress your project to the funding phase if we believe it has strong potential. Additionally, you can count on SFA to produce a highly customized study and financial forecast where we seek solutions to challenges and work closely with you to get your facility concept aligned to the market demand. We will also provide recommendations to enhance programming and revenue through the introduction of camps, clinics, special events, recreation amenities, or other proven programs. Plus, with our vendor network and buying power, SFA projects are developed free of guesswork when it comes to pricing, quality, and reliability of suppliers and vendors.

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