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Feasibility studies are an important tool for the planning process as well as a necessary resource for capital sources. Most funding sources require an independently developed feasibility study. Those that do not specifically request a feasibility study will often deny funding due to a lack of confidence in the business plan.

When engaging a firm to produce a feasibility study, it is critical to select a company that is routinely achieving funding success. It is also important to select a firm that can provide realistic financial forecasts.

Clients select Sports Facilities Advisory because we get results. We are selective in the projects we take on. Utilizing an efficient and comprehensive research process backed by real-world operational success, we produce analysis and research-based documentation that meets the rigorous standards of today’s lending, bond underwriting, and private equity sources.

Clients also engage SFA after having been directed to do so by funding sources. A number of banks, equity firms, and Small Business Administration lending sources have come to require SFA-produced feasibility studies. This means that many of our clients come to SFA after having attempted to complete their own study or after having hired a local or different consultant, only to have financing source require an SFA study.

Over the years, we have refined the family entertainment center feasibility study process to be efficient, focused, and educational for our clients. Using our proprietary models for family entertainment center business planning, market research, and financial modeling, we help clients remain true to their mission and vision. We also define new approaches and programs to maximize return on investment and economic impact.

The SFA service cycle begins with assigning a project team that has direct experience with similar projects. Next we provide a pre-survey and intake interview to clarify the definition of success for each individual project. During this phase we will also complete preliminary market research. Next, we meet in your market or our offices to facilitate a strategy and program planning session. These powerful series of discussions allow us to work closely with you to develop a business model and plan that is based on your goals and business objectives. Specific to your market and capital requirements, it is designed to increase the likelihood of success during financing.

Following your session we conduct a comprehensive market analysis; this includes a competition study, primary and secondary trade area factors, drive times to the site, demographics, and a comparison of these factors against other markets with successful operations.

Finally, these factors are calculated to produce a program plan, construction and start-up costs, utilization projections, and a detailed cash-flow forecast. These factors are used to make funding and other key decisions. The result is a highly customized analysis and detailed financial forecast combined with a narrative feasibility report detailing the assumptions and research that stand behind the financial model.

Our clients find the feasibility study process to be energizing and educational. They tell us that the process opens their eyes to opportunities and realities they had not previously considered.

SFA's Commitment To You

Key questions to consider when hiring a firm to produce entertainment center feasibility studies:

  1. How many facilities similar to ours have you opened in the past 24 months?
  2. How many facilities will you open in the next 24 months?
  3. How many facilities do you currently operate?
  4. How are your current facilities performing?
  5. Can I have references from 4 or more customers?

With SFA, clients expect and receive highly customized feasibility reports that include detailed construction and start-up cost estimates as well as a comprehensive market research report. Our process is designed to align our clients’ business objectives with local market demand. Where needed, SFA will also provide recommendations to enhance programming and revenue through the introduction of camps, clinics, special events, recreation amenities, or other proven programming.



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