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Empower Adventure Operations is a turnkey planning, funding, and operations solution for adventure sports facilities. Empower partners with landowners, parks, and resort destinations to develop and manage world class adventure parks, zip-line canopy tours, mountain biking, and other adrenaline adventure sports facilities.

These incredible sports facilities are developed to enhance the appeal of destination and to turn an inactive or underutilized land parcel into an attraction. Empower Adventure Operations’ programming ranges from family and group adventures to corporate team-building.

Over the last 20 + years, the Empower Ownership team has developed adventure recreation centers and sports facilities that have served more than 500,000 guests. Operated by industry veterans, Empower Adventure Operations is unique in that we finance and operate centers utilizing the Sports Facilities Advisory process to provide an enterprise level marketing, staffing, risk management and customer service package.

We are also able to fund up to 100% of project development costs and we build our own sports facilities ensuring time sensitive and cost effective construction that is totally dedicated to supporting our high standards for customer experiences.


The Empower Adventure Operations business model is to partner with existing landowners to develop attractions and sports facilities that enhance revenue, develop the brand of your destination, and attract new visitors to the site. We are a perfect compliment to a resort, special events venue, sports complex or tourism marketplace.

The Empower Adventure Operations process for sports facilities is simple:

  • Site Analysis - We conduct site and market analysis to determine the type and level of operation that may be needed.
  • Forecasting and Business Planning – If we are interested in a specific market or site, we will produce construction and start up cost estimates, the business and marketing plan, cash flow forecast, and basic terms sheet for the discussion with our land partner.
  • Funding – We fund projects independently and in joint venture partnerships. The funding approach to each project is tailored to the site, the relationship we have with the landowner, and the market opportunity.
  • Development – Our Empower Adventure Operations ownership team includes in-house design and construction allowing us to invest in, maintain, and develop the very best products without pricey mark ups.
  • Operations – We have established a high-end customer experience that distinguishes our program from low budget operations that are focused on volume. Our centralized shared services model provides, HR, Legal, Business Planning, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Risk Management and other support services at an enterprise level.

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