Sports Facility Management: How to Make the Most Out of Concession Stands

Sports facility management can make concession stands feasible

Sports Facility Management and Concession Stands

A concession stand can (and should) be much more than just a dirty shack serving microwaved hot dogs and lackluster cheese fries. While this may be the experience some of us have had in the past, our professional sports facility management staff knows how to help you make the most of your concession stand.

We’ve helped countless sports facilities expand and grow with tried and tested approaches that really work. In many cases, this even involves the management and application of your on-site concession stand.

If you’re struggling to revive your complex’s concession stands, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Consider a New Menu

If the main food groups of your facility’s concession stand include sour patch kids and popcorn, you may be driving your clientele away. Most people who attend a sports facility are either there to watch a game, play a sport themselves, or simply get in a good workout for the day. Most likely, they won’t want a handful of greasy popcorn when they’re finished.

Instead of offering the typical fanfare food options, sports facility management can help you develop a menu that speaks to your clientele and encourages patronage, such as protein and/or fruit blended shakes, healthy breakfast options, light sandwiches, green, leafy salads, and so on.

Encourage Your Staff

The success of many sports facilities is largely dependent on the work ethic of the staff. If you have a group of employees working your concession stand that really just don’t care, your customers are going to notice, and then avoid that concession stand like the plague.

Sports facility management can work with you to develop an incentive program to motivate your staff and keep them loyal. We can also help you cultivate a team culture that will encourage everyone to maintain a positive attitude, support one another, and work hard for the good of the team.


Advertising may seem like it’s too much for your small concession stand, but simply including ads in your information pamphlets that you give out to new members is a great start! Hang signs within the complex to entice hungry or thirsty patrons to swing by your concession stand on their way out the door. Sports facilities can even use social media accounts to advertise new menu items at their concession stands. This is a great way to reach existing clientele and encourage more business.

Sports facility management can help you determine the best way to advertise your concession stand with a thorough understanding of your business model.

Think About a Food Truck Design

Everyone loves food trucks these days. Whether it’s the novelty or the convenience, the popularity of these things has grown to full blown food truck alleys, food truck TV shows, and food truck events. If you’re looking for a way to revitalize your concession stand in a whole new way, consider a food truck design for your sports facility. Sports facility management can help you expand upon this idea and find a way to make it work for your specific sports facility.

Contact Our Sports Facility Management Staff Today

If you’re ready to make some changes and get people coming to your concession stand again, contact Sports Facilities Management today. Our team of experts is more than ready to help you devise a plan of action to get your concession stand back in business. Call or email to schedule an appointment with our management firm today. We’re excited to see what we can achieve together!

Unique Ideas for a College Recreation Center

Billiards can be great for a college recreation center

Ideas for a College Recreation Center

Many college recreation centers are pretty extravagant these days, with all types of atypical offerings to attract new students, as well as current students and faculty. Even so, there are several things you can do to spice up your college’s recreation center to have a more well-attended, well-rounded sports facility.

Here are six unique ideas to add more value to your college recreation center.

Provide a Spa

College can be a very busy and stressful time, so what better way to relieve stress than with a visit to the on-campus spa at the recreation center. Students will love this addition to your current setup and services can be tailored as the school’s leadership sees fit.

Add a Rope Course

While rock walls are becoming a much more common thing in college recreation centers, rope courses are not as common yet. Many students love living an active lifestyle, but they may not enjoy more traditional sports like football, basketball, or soccer. Adding a rope course to your current setup could entice those looking for something a bit more non-traditional.

Billiards and Bowling

Many college recreation centers are catering to non-athletes with less “athletic” games such as billiards, spades, or bowling. It’s not unnatural for some students to be intimidated by the thought of going to the gym on campus, but by providing less traditional options, you are welcoming a large percentage of the student population with more diversified options.

Offer Bike Rentals

It’s no secret that biking is a very common mode of transportation on college campuses. Unfortunately, not all students will have a bike on campus. For this reason, offering bike rentals at the student recreation center is another powerful way to get more feet in the door and to introduce those students to all your sports facility has to offer.

Host Healthy Cooking Classes

Nutrition/cooking classes are a great way to encourage healthy habits, both in and out of the gym and your recreation center is the perfect place to host healthy cooking or nutrition classes. Students and faculty will love these and if they are offered often enough, the classes might even grow a bold following.

Offer Outdoor Group Activities

Outdoor group activities like zip lining, hiking, canoeing, or spelunking are great ways for college students to get to know one another, make new friends, or encourage team building among college clubs. This option is especially enticing if a university is located in a geographically diverse area.

Contact Sports Facilities Advisory About Your Recreation Center

If you need additional ideas for your college rec center or would like some professional assistance to get started, don’t hesitate to contact Sports Facilities Advisory. Designing and managing sports facilities is what we do best, so give us a call today!

How On-Campus Sports Facilities Benefit Colleges

Sports Facilities are Great for a College Campus

On-Campus Sports Facilities for Colleges

Sports facilities are not just for apartment complexes, community recreation centers, and hotels. Another popular place to find them is on the campus of a college or state university. On-campus facilities also benefit colleges and universities in countless ways and make a huge impact on the communities around them.

If you are part of the decision-making team involved in adding a sports facility to a college or university, here are a few great reasons to solidify the decision and dive right in.

Sports Facilities Result in More Active Students and Faculty

The truth is, if you have a sports facility on campus and promote it well, students and faculty will take advantage of its convenience. And more active students and faculty means healthier lifestyles for everyone. Having a sports facility within walking distance of the dormitories and other common areas will encourage students and faculty to be more active, engage in team sports with their peers, and attend intramural games on campus.

Opportunity for Event Hosting

Sports facilities on campuses of colleges and universities also allow for event hosting of other types. Whether it’s an indoor fair, a high school game, or a university club event, sports facilities are much more than just a place to work out or play basketball — they are also multi-purpose spaces that can be repurposed as needed.

Attract More Prospective Students and Visitors

Students and visitors are more likely to choose a college or university that provides amenities such as an on-campus sports facility. Being able to provide sports facilities for students and community members also shows a diligence and dedication on your part, emphasizing the fact that you want students to be happy and healthy.

Learn More with Sports Facilities Advisory

Sports facilities can truly expand opportunities, impact the on-campus culture, and encourage healthy habits on a college campus. If you are considering investing in a sports facility or need assistance revitalizing an existing one, please contact Sports Facilities Advisory today.

Our experienced team of industry experts will help you get started with the master planning and consulting service from Sports Facilities Advisory and even provide ongoing sports facility management with our management firm, Sports Facility Management.

Give us a call today to learn more about the options. We’re always eager to work with new clients to make their venture dreams a reality. Simply call 727.474.3845 or fill out our online contact form.

Sports Tourism: How to Involve the Community

getting the community involved in local sports tourism

How to Increase Community Sports Tourism

If you own a sports complex that is home to a local professional team, sports tourism is probably always on your mind. How can you get more people to the games? How do you garner up support for your team? It can be a constant struggle to get the community interested in what your sports facilities have to offer and to keep that interest over time. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we have some advice on how to get your local community involved and increase your sports tourism.

From Community to Sports Fans

As much as you try, you cannot make someone be interested if they don’t want to be. Increasing the sports tourism to your complex through the community is more nuanced than wanting them to like a certain sports team. You want to give your community a reason to care.

In order to get the community to invest in what you are doing, you need to invest in what they are doing. A good overall image in the community can do more for your sports tourism than pure marketing ever could. Your organization can sponsor a fundraiser, donate to an important local cause, or even just volunteer to help clean up a park.

To bring the focus back on your sports team and facility, one of the most impactful things to do is host events for children and their families. Have day camps where kids can learn the fundamentals of the sport from the players themselves. There can be skills competitions and classes for all ages, even adults who may have played the sport in high school or college. Get other businesses and organizations in your community involved to incorporate food and prizes.

The most important thing to remember when trying to generate more sports tourism through your community is that not everything is going to work at first. Incentives like free tickets and other giveaways may get customers in your doors once, but there are minimal lasting effects. By taking the time and investing in your community, the community will eventually begin to invest back.

Sports Tourism Advice from Sports Facilities Advisory

At Sports Facilities Advisory, we understand that trying to increase your sports tourism takes serious time and investment. Our team is here to help you in every part of your sports facility planning process, from feasibility studies to the opening and management of your new sports complex. For more information about the services we offer, contact us at Sports Facilities Advisory today!

Alternative Income Sources for Your Sports Complex

alternate uses for sports complex gym

Other Uses for Your Sports Complex

Owning and managing a sports complex requires significant time and dedication. You work to ensure that everything is being taken care of and is producing the money necessary to keep everything running. While you may have built your sports complex for a specific use in mind, whether it be for a local sports team or as part of a school, your sports facilities may be able to be used for more than just physical activity. At Sports Facilities Advisory, we have created a list of some alternate uses for your sports complex to generate other sources of income for your business.

Other Sports Complex Uses

The original purpose of your sports complex has a large part in determining what other uses your facility can have. If your facility is predominantly an outdoor complex, like many used for sports like football and soccer, you may be limited by weather conditions during the off seasons. Indoor facilities have many more options available because they are not limited by the weather and seasons.

One of the easiest ways to use your facilities outside of their original intentions is to rent out the spaces available to smaller teams or organizations. Local leagues rarely have the space necessary to host events like tournaments and championships, and they often play at different times of the year than professional and school teams. By working with these organizations and providing the use of your facilities for a fee, you generate more income and create good standing in your community.

Another way you can generate more income for your sports complex is to rent it out for use with other community events. Organizations are always looking for spaces to host events and fundraisers. This may not generate as much income as some other options, but it can help you cement your value in your community. Indoor facilities like basketball gymnasiums can be rented out for big events like family reunions and concerts.

A final way to provide more money for your sports facilities during the off times is by hosting sports camps and clinics. These activities are great for any sports because they not only generate income for your sports complex but they also increase interest in the sport itself. Increased interest in the sports you host at your facilities increase sports tourism and can create further income in the future.

A Sports Complex with Sports Facilities Advisory

If you are interested in building a sports complex or recreation center in your community, Sports Facilities Advisory is here to help. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process from feasibility studies to management with our Sports Facilities Management team. For more information on our services, contact Sports Facilities Advisory today!

How a Recreation Center adds Value to Your Church

Added value of a church with a recreation center for kids

The Value of a Church Recreation Center

A recreation center or sports complex can be a great investment to your community or organization. For churches and other faith-based organizations, a recreation center creates more room for both your congregation and the surrounding community to have access to different activities and events throughout the year.

Benefits of a Recreation Center for Your Church

Room for Additional Events

Most churches do more than offer religious services once or twice a week. If your church hosts harvest parties, potluck lunches, or other events outside of the regular services, a recreation center is a great facility to use. Having one on your church campus reduces the need to find another location for events and provides an automatic backup plan in case of inclement weather for an event that was originally planned outside.

The extra room from a recreation center is also beneficial for the community. Many churches use that extra space and rent it out for other events. Birthday parties and family reunions can be easily hosted in a rec center. Some local governments may even utilize the space for town hall meetings and conferences if no other location is available. Renting out your church’s rec center can generate revenue to help pay for the facility as well.

Improved Congregation Health

A church or other faith-based organization is typically focused on the spiritual health of their members. A recreation center provides a way for your congregation to improve their physical health as well. A rec center is an excellent place for exercise classes and other workout opportunities. There are plenty of sports leagues that are offered through different denominations that can involve the children in your congregation as well. Parents will appreciate the opportunity for their children to play and be active in a safe and familiar environment out of the elements.

Planning a Recreation Center with Sports Facilities Advisory

If you think that a new recreation center would be a great added benefit for your church or other faith-based organization, Sports Facilities Advisory can help! We have years of experience in the planning and implementation of sports facilities for all different types of organizations. We will guide you on every step of the process from feasibility studies to the opening and management of your new space through our Sports Facilities Management team. For more information on how we can help you make the dream of having a church recreation center a reality, contact us at Sports Facilities Advisory today!

Merchandise for Events at Your Recreation Center

Recreation Centers Can Host & Merchandise Fun Runs Like This

Recreation Center Event Merchandise

Creating large community events, such as tournaments, fun runs, and cycling races, improves brand awareness and buzz. These events often lead to sports tourism if they gain enough recognition. Amateur athletes will travel hundreds of miles to compete in tournaments or race events. So getting your recreation center’s name out into the local and greater community is important. You can’t just host an event and assume that it will grow from year to year. Planning your event properly and creating the best merchandise will bring that awareness.

Choose a Theme

The participants of your recreation center event want structure. This applies to the layout of your fields and courts, to your forms and waivers, and to your schedule. Choosing a theme around which to base the event adds cohesion to the entire event. You can base this theme on the season, like a Thanksgiving 5k run, or around a prominent feature of your local community, like a bike race that changes themes from hills to flats to scenic depending on the year.

Design a Logo

An eye catching logo for your recreation center event will draw people in, but the logo must be associated with your event. For this reason, Sports Facilities Advisory suggested that you arrive at a theme before moving on to the logo. A beautiful logo must reflect the thematic elements of the event. Incorporate the seasonal, cultural, or competitive aspects of your theme into the logo. This way, people can readily associate the logo with your event. The closer your logo follows your theme, the more likely people are to associate the two. Logo and theme become interchangeable.

Creating Merchandise Suitable to Your Event

Some merchandise ideas never go wrong. The t-shirt, a staple of all recreation center and sports tourism events, should always be sold. Beyond t-shirts, it can get tricky when it comes to deciding the right merchandise. Think about the demographics of the people attending your event. You wouldn’t want to sell beer cozies at a youth tournament, but this same merchandise might sell really well in an over 40s bike race. If the event will be largely attended, then it might make sense to offer different designs and quality of merchandise. This way, you catch the eye of more than one type of person attending your event.

Get Your Recreation Center on Track with SFA

We, at Sports Facilities Advisory, have years of experience conducting feasibility studies for recreation centers and sports complexes. If you need help getting any of your sports facilities off the ground or want more tips to marketing your event, contact Sports Facilities Advisory.

Sports Complexes for Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports Complex Designs Can Attracts Athletes

Capitalizing on the Extreme Sports Niche with Your Sports Complex

Adventure sports, whether parents like it or not, are here to stay. After growing rapidly in popularity during the late 90s and early 2000s, the fervor died down some in recent years, but all indicators point to skateboarding, snowboarding, BMXing, and wall climbing continuing on as strong niche sports. Due to the loyalty and communal aspects of these sports communities, a popular and well-executed sports complex can bring in a steady supply of profit for years.

Sports Complexes as Community Gathering Places

Like most niche communities, the separate communities of extreme sports athletes stick fiercely together. Sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, BMXing, and artificial wall climbing depend on individuality as much as teamwork. They focus on competitiveness as much as creative expression. This balance not only forms strong bonds within the niche sports community but also demands a different environment from those found at traditional sports complexes.

The skatepark, the slopes, and the climbing wall symbolize watering holes to these communities. Yes, athletes go there to ride and climb, but they also go there to spend time with like-minded individuals. If you spend much time at popular skate parks or snowboard parks or other extreme sports complexes, you will see a lot of people sitting around and talking, debating, and teaching. Sports complexes aren’t only places to practice your sport. They are places to create a shared culture.

How to Benefit from This Idea of the Gathering Place


Create open spaces around the edge of the sports complex where people can stand out of the way of other riders. If your sports facility is an outdoor skatepark, consider including shade and benches in these areas. By providing riders with areas to spend time with their friends, you keep them at your extreme parks longer. You build positive associations with your sports complex that will keep these athletes coming back.

Amenities & Concessions

Like many sports complexes and professional or collegiate sports facilities, you should focus a lot on concessions. In 2013, the New York Yankees made more than $50 million dollars on concessions. Adding a bar, restaurant, and snacking area can keep athletes their longer. For outdoor parks, consider barbecue pits that athletes can rent.

We Perform Feasibility Studies for Sports Parks

No one can say for certain exactly how profitable an extreme sports complex would be in your area before doing the proper research. For targeted research in your area, contact Sports Facilities Advisory. We do it all, from providing feasibility studies to planning marketing strategies, and we want nothing more than to help you make your sports complex dream a reality.

Best Practices: Aquatic Recreation Centers

Aquatic Recreation Center Kids on a Water Slide

Best Practices for Aquatic Recreation Centers

Here at Sports Facilities Advisory, we help create all kinds of successful and innovative recreation centers and facilities. One of the most unique types of facilities we work with is aquatic recreation centers. Many recreation centers have pools, but aquatic recreation centers typically have multiple pools or unique water structures and entertainment for guests. Here are a few different things that we think really elevate and improve the appeal of an aquatic facility.

Unique Aquatic Features

What differentiates an aquatic recreation center from a typical one is the amount of water-related activities that are offered. If you want to open an aquatic-focused recreation center, you should implement  water slides, aquatic rock walls, and other adventurous features. Different size and length water slides can offer fun for all ages. You can have water slides right next to each other for racing, twisty enclosed slides, or small slides for little ones. There are tons of possibilities, and the more you vary your offerings, the longer your guests will want to stay. Including a unique feature, such as an aquatic rock wall, is also a great way to entertain guests. Most importantly, you need to make sure you have a pool or pools to accommodate the amount of people and the size of your aquatic structures.

Parties and Events

A good way to get guests to come and visit your aquatic recreation center is to have weekly, monthly, or seasonal events. A back to school bash can really bring in the guests. You can advertise your events on your website and social media platforms. Offering party services is another great way to drive up revenue. You can offer party packages and the ability to rent out the entire center. People will definitely want to come to your facility for birthday parties and other events. You want to make sure to offer these services to maximize your income opportunities.

Concessions and Cabanas

Another way to increase revenue is to offer concessions and cabana rentals. Swimming in your facility will inevitably make people hungry and thirsty. Meeting their needs will ensure your guests stay longer and will increase your profits. Cabana rentals are another opportunity for income. You can give people a more inviting and comfortable option than the typical beach chairs. Offering cabana concession service, where staff brings them their food, also increases the customer satisfaction factor. Other than your entry fees, these strategies are the best way to increase your daily revenue streams.

Swim Lessons

Steadily bring in income by offering swim lessons and aquatic exercise sessions. Offering both of these types of classes covers the entire age range. It is essential to have professional and certified staff to teach these sessions. This is especially essential when it comes to swimming lessons for younger kids. Make sure you have qualified instructors and lifeguards on duty. Safety is the top priority when it comes to aquatic classes.

Let Sports Facilities Advisory Help You With Your Recreation Center

Sports Facilities Advisory is a well-qualified and trusted company in the sports industry. Let us help you with your new or existing aquatic recreation centers. We offer you comprehensive planning and have the tools to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn how we can share our success with you.

Sports Tourism Trends: Engaging Fans

Sports Tourism Fans Having Fun

Sports Tourism and Fan Engagement

For some people, their love of sports can easily hold their attention for hours on hours. But, for many other people, their attention spans will only humor them for so long. What many stadium and facility owners struggle with is engaging their fans and holding their attention for the entire game.

Fan engagement in sports tourism is a crucial step in ensuring your visitors continue to come back. Fortunately, the fan engagement movement has been constantly innovating. There’s plenty of great ways to increase fan engagement in your stadium and bolster sports tourism.

Social Media

Although it’s probably been drilled into your head by this point, we can’t stress enough how important social media has become for fan engagement and sports tourism. It’s not enough to just join Twitter or Facebook anymore. Instagram and Snapchat have quickly become the most used social media applications by younger fans.

Typically, young fans tend to be the hardest to engage, but they are also some of the fans you want to engage the most. A young fan with a great memory of visiting your city will want to come back many times in the future. This is the type of long game that sports tourism thrives on. Implementing an Instagram and Snapchat campaign can easily engage these members of your audience. Having a custom Snapchat filter for your stadium, as well as creating a Snapchat story for game day, is a great way to do this. You can have fans send you Snapchat videos to add to your story. This makes them feel like part of the experience and can be engaging for fans of all ages.

This doesn’t discount Facebook or Twitter as platforms, as these are still widely used and extremely important. It’s beneficial to have your stadium or sports complex covered across social media platforms.  Keep fans and followers updated on behind the scenes happenings in between game days. Create hype and anticipation on game days, and then make sure fans are involved during the game.

Create the Experience

Most of the time a sports game isn’t like it is in the movies. There’s no slick editing to hide the timeouts and general breaks in the game. Make sure you’re not losing the attention of your audience during these moments by creating a complete game experience. Playing music, staging fan contests, and providing fan activities are just a few things you can do to keep people’s attention.

Use music to add another layer to a moment, or to hype up the crowd. Have a fan contest or a halftime show ready. For instance, giving away a prize for a fan making a half-court shot during a basketball halftime show. This gets fans involved and excited. Tell fans to tweet their picture for a chance to win free tickets to the next game. These are all ways to get people involved and engaged with your facility. Offering a comprehensive experience will keep people coming back and is a crucial element of increasing your sports tourism.

Sports Facilities Advisory Knows Sports Tourism

Sports Facilities Advisory implements proven methods to help you with your new or existing facility. We are industry experts in sports tourism and we can help you reach success. Contact us today to start working on your dreams.